A couple of months ago, the long-time home of the downtown Hallmark card and gift shop at 431 Texas Street reopened to a radical change. Gone were Christmas ornaments, sympathy cards, and aisles tight with small dustables. In was an open and airy updated space flooded in natural light and offering  a long list of tasty shakes and iced teas.The newly-christened ‘Greenhouse Nutrition’ was one of the newest businesses offered meal replacement drinks, touted as a quick and healthier alternative to a full meal, and energy teas that – depending on the level ( one through four) can give you energy far into the evening. The business quickly became a favorite with the downtown crowd, who regularly feel a bit of sluggishness as the work day wears on.

Tea for two, or two for tea?

As with many new businesses, the initial weeks are a time for a shake-out and tweaks and this new business was no different. The menu of teas and shakes is the same, the big change is in the name; now it is 318 Nutrition, and management, which is now Matthew David Garza, the owner and CEO. Matt is all about downtown, and is kicking off weekly deals to show his downtown customers some love.

Monday: Federal, State and City Employees
Tuesday: Regions/Beaird Tower Employees
Wednesday: Louisiana/American Tower Employees
Thursday: Midsouth/400 Texas Tower Employees
Friday: $5 All Day to EVERYONE

Hours will continue to be Monday-Friday, 6:30 am-5 pm. Until new staff is trained, Saturday hours are on hold.

It’s been a thrill ride for CEO Garza. In rapid succession he has gone from the oil fields to a popular auto detailing business to the current owner of seven nutrition businesses in the greater area. He is a hard-working success story, and those who know him best say his work ethic and attention to business mean even greater things to come.