The stuff from which nightmares are made.

The question SHOULD BE ‘Do you really even want a weird killer Chucky Doll in your house?’ Gina Marie’s Antiques, Oddities and Collectibles believes the answer for many is ‘yes.’ ‘Yes’ to a doll that maimed hundreds (it seemed) in a series of truly horrific movies that started in 1988 with Child’s Play and has lasted through 2017 with sequel #6, ‘Cult of Chucky.’

So. You have searched your soul and decided that you REALLY POSITIVELY DO need a Chucky doll to wig out visitors to your home and terrify loved ones with pranks in the middle of the night like getting up and very quietly moving the Chucky doll really really close to the bed and then gently waking your partner while pretending to still be asleep yourself. But where do you get one?

Gina Marie’s, of course, because they are the downtown repository for the sometimes terrifyingly odd and they are darn well proud of it. If you have not been by the store, you must. They are like an old curiosity shoppe (yes, the ones with the funky old-timey spelling), a sort of ‘Ripley’s Believe It or Not’ in the middle of downtown Shreveport. We love them. We love the fact that they have posted on Facebook that they want to know peoples’ favorite ‘death-related museum’ so that they may visit it this summer and that they festoon old taxidermy with hats and clothing. These are our kind of folks. They are also small business people with great heart and good attitude and they need support from all of us.  We encourage you to like their FB page, go by the shop often, buy a funny greeting card or a bust of Pope John Paul II. Let them feel the love.

As for Chucky- Gina Marie’s is running a contest for this horrific pile of plastic through SATURDAY, Feb. 2. Buy a ticket for $5 at the store by then and YOU could be the owner of this knife-toting child’s nightmare. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.