The historic former Ablons and KCS Cafe is for lease, and owner Greg Solomon is hoping that the price, condition and turnkey situation will have lessors beating a path to his door. The building at 830 Louisiana Avenue is bright and beautiful, with adjacent free parking. It is turnkey and comes with tables, chairs, fixtures and fittings. The kitchen is complete, functional and ready to go. The 2100SF space sports the appealing price of $1800/mo. with a 3-year lease. Tenant pays insurance, utilities, and maintenance; owner pays property taxes.

One of the neatest things is getting to be a part of the history of the place. For a large part of its past, 830 Louisiana was adjacent to the former Union Station train station.

Union Station – Early 1940’s

Dozens of passenger trains came through every day in the early years, which meant a lot of hungry diners descended on the cafe daily.

Hungry diners- 1940s.

The little triangular building opened as the Queen Cafe in 1923, became the Roosevelt Cafe in 1943, Ablon’s #2 in 1945, Fox’s/KCS Restaurant 1946-1963, and KCS Restaurant 1964-1971. It closed in 1971, two years after Union Station closed, burned and was demolished. The building sat, empty and abandoned until Solomon saw it and started digging into its ownership. Ironically, the man who owned it didn’t even realize that he did. He didn’t want it, and deal was struck.

Not much to look at up until a few years ago.

Solomon did a total rehab, saving as much of the interior as possible, salvaging old pieces of tin ceiling and some of the original floor tile. He sourced transom glass with a historic look to complete the picture.

As 830 Louisiana looks today.

The building today is beautiful, light and bright and spacious, with the flexibility for multiple uses. The area in which the cafe sits is safe with residential all around.

The inside looking out.

If you are interested in a tour of the building or to learn more, contact owner Greg Solomon.

Here is the Real Estate Listing.