On Tuesday, October 16 at 1:45 p.m., downtown will see the long-awaited ‘official’ beginning of our newest downtown greenspace, The Common, and you’re invited to attend. In case of Rain the event will be held in the Central ARTSTATION – 801 Crockett St.

The Common has been one of the cornerstones of the Shreveport Common Art and Culture District, a 9-block section in the west of downtown that has been envisioned as a hub for artist housing and activities.

So what is The Common? It’s a 2.4 acre greenspace that at present is a jumble of broken concrete. This unsightly area will be transformed into community space. The Common will feature walking paths, nearly an acre of grass in an area that has little green space at present, trees (real and eventually, sculptural), 4,800 sf of landscaped flowerbeds, a ‘bioswale’ ( to capture and reuse rainwater for irrigation) and a mister station that will give a little ‘poof’ of cool mist on hot days.

In addition The Common will host a food truck court and Art Bosque Cafe for concert tailgates and will provide lots of programming, courtesy the Shreveport Regional Arts Council and the City of Shreveport.

The City is committed to securing and maintaining The Common; working with contractors to provide maintenance and working with local social service organizations to offer earned income opportunities