Many of you may be familiar the artworks of Paige Powell. Paige has created an interesting niche of digital collage and mixed media pieces that use unrelated pairings to create a fun nod to local places and spaces. Think llama in the foreground of the old Selber Bros. store, UFOs over the Centenary Gold Dome, two swimmers playing beach ball in front of the Millennium Mural. Paige is not only talented, she is wildly imaginative.

‘Head’s Up’ by Paige Powell, a limited edition signed canvas print.

Now, her imagination has led to even more fun. In a series she calls ‘Art’s Travels’, Paige is taking Art the Dalmatian, the sculpture that sits beside the Central ARTstation at 801 Crockett Street, on a much-needed walk.

Art at the Marshall Street Underpass mural.

Art at the Bakowski Bright of Lights.

Art at The Lot, 400 Crockett Street.

It is pretty apparent that Paige is having a lot of fun with Art, and lots of others are enjoying it, too. To see where Art goes next, check out Paige’s page (Facebook, that is) here.  It’s possible he may end up at YOUR house!