Bistro to Go, the popular lunch eatery and snack shack in the Regions Tower, 333 Texas, is reopening ‘soon’ according to owners. The downtown location is one of two in Shreveport, and should be open in the next several weeks, good news to the legions of fans who have been missing their tasty dishes, including their award-winning hamburger, wonderful deviled egg salad and smoked Gouda pimento cheese. Upon hearing the news, one downtown architect who often has to grab lunch on the run let out an audible ‘Facebook’ sigh of relief, stating ‘How I have missed them. Solid clutch salad to go.’

Bistro To Go’s award- winning burger, winner of the best hamburger in the area.

As businesses and employees return to their offices post-pandemic, downtown will see more restaurants both return and open and as that is happening, even more interested potential cafe owners are searching for their possible perfect location downtown. One holdup to businesses reopening and expanding hours is finding employees. Multiple restaurants, coffee shops and other venues tell us that few people are responding to ads for work, which is slowing plans for expansion of venue and hours.