Downtown has a newly-branded company at 107 Spring Street that would like to help you promote your business. The former Certus Direct is now Oddball Branding.   The name change, says owner/manager Daniel Petruska was needed because “Certus doesn’t really say what we do.”

Examples of vinyl work, from signs to wraps.

What Oddball Branding does, and does quite well, is branding using wraps. You can see examples of their work from signs like the one at Dripp Donuts at 421 Market Street

Wraps for all types of vehicles and trailers.

to wrapped vehicles that become moving billboards for your company or cause.

Wall wraps

Oddball is also a go-to for more traditional sign printing needs, for banners, vinyl signs, and soon, embroidery. “The first of August we will have an embroidery machine ready to go,” says Petruska. Oddball can already handle t-shirt and swag printing jobs.

Printing for t-shirts and giveaway materials.

Certus, and now Oddball, has been in business at 107 Spring Street since 2016, but Petruska purchased the company in 2022 and has seen steady growth since. “We started with two employees and are now up to five,” he tells us. “We are seeing our biggest growth in wraps and are seeing a lot of business from schools and in wraps for doors and walls.”

One of their school wraps.

Wall and door wraps are fun, cool and add a creative pop to any building. The DDA office has utilized wraps for both doors and walls, but also large conference tables and other furniture.

Behind The Grove at 107 Spring Street.

The building where all the magic happens is behind The Grove at 107 Spring just across from the Shreveport Convention Center Parking Garage, and is in the process of being rebranded itself.

Oddball Branding is open Monday-Friday, 9 am- 4 pm except Thursday, when they are open until 5 pm. Contact them at 318-560-1304 or

email them here.