It may look like an old car lot and unloved building to many, but to C&C Mercantile and Lighting owners Lauren Ross Simmons and Derek Simmons, it’s an opportunity for revitalization of a long-ignored historic strip. The two recently converted the old Schorr Furniture store to C & C Mercantile (1110 Texas Avenue) and ArtiFact- Artisan’s Factory (1120 Texas Avenue). At present, they are the bright spot in an area filled with old car lots and buildings that have seen better days.

In just the few weeks that they have been open, their two businesses have added an excitement, zest and art-filled vibe long missing there. The response from the public to their spaces has been pretty overwhelming, and that’s all that it has taken to have Lauren and Derek convinced that other, larger-scale changes there would be welcome.

Watch a video about C & C, ArtiFact and their future plans.

Their plans involve prettifying the vacant lot and turning the old Nolen’s into a space called Texas Avenue Social. They envision each room in the building paying homage to a musical legend who spent time in the area; Elvis, Rev. Utah Smith, Hank Williams, and others. A commercial kitchen and bar will be added and the space will be the home for pop up restaurants and entertainment like outdoor movie nights and live music events. We love their enthusiasm and ability to see a long-neglected corridor with new eyes and look forward to working with them on their future plans!