Frustrated that folks think it’s OK to toss stuff on the ground? (We know. Grrrr.) Want to do something about it? We have a way! On Saturday, April 23, from 8 until noon, teams are going to be spreading out all over downtown Shreveport to take part in the loveshreveport Citywide Cleanup. We’d love to count you among our crew, and will provide you with instructions, a place to pick up, garbage bags and gloves! Want to be a part of the Downtown Clean Crew? Email us here and we’ll add you to our list of worker bees or just meet us Saturday morning at 7:45 am in the lobby at the Lofts at 624, 624 Texas Street. We’ll hand out tee shirts and gloves, coffee and donuts there and then spread out to make downtown more beautiful and litter-free.

You can help for an hour or two or stay the entire morning, the timing is up to you! You will be amazed, and yes, occasionally completely irritated or disgusted at what you will find, but afterwards, you can rest in the knowledge that you helped make a difference!

Courtesy The Shreveport Times, Henrietta Wildsmith


Story posted April 7, 2021

Find yourself shaking your head in frustration and disgust at litter entangled in the grass, blowing down the sidewalks, caught in the medians? Everyone who hates the litter has an opportunity to lend a helping hand on Saturday, April 10 at the second loveshreveport citywide cleanup. If you’re looking for a team, we have several downtown options for you; you would be welcome to help at:


  1. The Standard, 509 Market. The Standard’s team will be in the area around the 200 blocks of Texas, Milam and Travis Streets.
  2. The Lofts at 624, 624 Texas. Their team will be along Louisiana, Travis, Milam and other areas near the Lofts building.
  3. Shreveport Common‘s team will be meeting at Caddo Common Park, 869 Texas Ave., for coffee and donuts prior to the litter pick up. They will be concentrating in the area around the park, up Texas Avenue and the 700 block of Cotton St.
  4. Bailey Gallery, 214 Texas St. Bailey’s team will likely partner with The Standard in the same general area.
  5. The Southern Belle, 627 Crockett St. The Southern Belle’s team will be near the Strand Theatre, in the general area of the 600/700 blocks of Crockett and nearby.

Just drive around until you see folks wearing matching t-shirts and carrying garbage bags, you’ll be welcome to join us in helping make our ‘home’ a little bit cleaner and prettier.