Downtown Shreveport drivers don’t have to leave the city center to find car services- they’re as close as 333 Texas Street (Regions Tower) or 301 Marshall Street (Beaird Tower). CurbTek is a new mobile car care service that plans to be stationed at Regions Tower each Wednesday and in the alley behind Beaird Tower every other Thursday. You can also contact them and they will come directly to you.

At present CurbTek offers oil change (gas or diesel), tire rotation, engine air filter replacement, wiper blade replacement, headlight/taillight bulb replacement, and exterior vehicle wash. Dean says it doesn’t have to be a review of the service, simply something like, ‘Having CurbTek rotate my tires while meeting with a client.’ Dean knows that word-of-mouth, or in this case, word-of-social-media, is a good way to help introduce the new business to the public.


  • CurbTek will be at Regions Tower each Wednesday from 8:30 a.m.- 12:30 p.m.
  • CurbTek will be at Beaird Tower every other Thursday. Dates are: January – 10th | 24th, February – 7th | 21st, March – 7th | 21st, April – 4th | 18th, May – 2nd | 16th | 30th.

To book a service, simply go to the website. You will pay after the work is completed.