About a million years ago, give or take a day, the DDA started asking about the possibility of sidewalk dining. As with many things, it was more complicated than it seemed. The City of Shreveport owns the downtown sidewalks and there were legal liability issues, ADA-compliance issues, serving-of-alcohol issues and stuff that no one had even considered as issues- issues. 

District B councilman Jeff Everson and city legal eagle Karen Strand, both savvy at navigating governmental issues, were not dissuaded and after much work, were able to craft and and amend an ordinance, Amendment 2 to Ordinance No. 149 of 2017 (co-authored by councilmembers Everson and Jerry Bowman). This legislation changed certain bits of Chapters 10, 62 and 78 of the city Code of Ordinances (see, we told you this was more complicated than it seemed) so that Sidewalk Cafes could be allowed.

The upshot of all of the work is that sidewalk cafes are now possible downtown—if the rules and regulations are met— and if the Sidewalk Permit Committee, made up by MPC, Public Works, DDA, and SPD approves the applications that interested businesses will have to submit.

We think this is going to be a great addition to downtown and we’re hoping that you will start seeing cafe tables and chairs popping up this spring!

Businesses considering a Sidewalk Cafe Application should first read the ordinance:

Amendment 2 to Ordinance No. 149 of 2017 (pertaining to Sidewalk Cafes)

and then complete the application, with all attachments, insurance, Hold Harmless(es?) drawings, photos and a partridge in a pear tree.

Sidewalk Cafe Permit Application

Businesses, remember to include all exhibits and drawings requested when turning in your application or the application will be bounced back to you.

See you on the sidewalk!