March 18, 2017 @ 3:00 pm America/Chicago Timezone
The Agora Borealis

Relax And Unwind Miniature Challenge

Hosted by The Art of Taffie Garsee

Miniatures! No prizes, no grant money, no competition, no forms to fill out (there actually is a form to fill out if you want to list your work for sale).

Whereas normally I would give you a photograph or theme, this is the “relax and unwind edition” of the challenge, so I want you to use whatever medium helps you relax and unwind, in a small format. No larger than 12″x12″x12″ , it can be sculpture, collage, assemblage, painting, drawing, whatever, (as long as it isn’t illegal. ) It can be smaller, just no larger.
*The caviat to this is that it needs to be your best work. This challenge will not only give artists who may work with some lesser known mediums a chance to show off their skills, it will also be an introduction of sorts for some viewers who may not be aware your medium even exists! Your work could be the first encounter someone has with your type of art, so make your example a fine one!
Some examples: You work with clocks? Make an artful clock or art made from clock parts. You work with cameras? Collage from photos you took. You work with fabric? Make the best damn quiltsquare you ever made! (These are just suggestions to get you thinking. Fabric artists do not HAVE to make a quiltsqaure and no one HAS to make a clock 🙂 ) I’m looking to some time in March for the deadline, and when Katy and I square away the date and time, we will add it to the call and notify everyone. Your first job is to invite your friends to participate, and get going on ideas for your projects. I’m excited to see what you guys come up with! Please remember to post progress pictures so we can all learn more about your process. This part will be especially interesting since the medium might be unknown to the rest of us. Ok. Get started!