Of course it had to hit on Friday the 13th. Actually, though the storm starting blowing through prior to midnight, it appears that the real damage happened in the early morning hours of April 14th.

Giant tree, 900 block of Louisiana Ave. No one harmed, no damage caused. We’re still sad we lost a big, old one. DDA photo.






They lived to tweet about it! minicine? in the 800 block of Texas Avenue, was right in the middle of a show of touring bands when the storm hit. The power went out, bad for bands that need electricity. Large shards of glass from nearby windows were flying about and power lines were dancing. In the spirit of “the show must go on,” Ivy Woods Roofing Company stepped up with a generator, making Minicine? the only location lit for blocks. Thanks to Ivy & Sons and to all who braved the blocked streets, downed power poles, knocked out traffic lights, to be at the show! Photo courtesy: minicine?

Datastor, the former Hemenway-Johnson Furniture store, 919 Texas Avenue, lost several facade windows to the winds. Glass was scattered through the block, but no one was injured. Photo courtesy Shreveport Times/Henrietta Wildsmith.

Just up the block from Datastor in the 1000 block is the historic Calanthean Temple. One of the small metal outbuildings was impacted. No injuries reported. Photo courtesy Shreveport Times/Henrietta Wildsmith.



























Several of the recently-installed Nick Cave ‘Beaded Blankets’ and plexiglass frames did not fare well. The plexi on at least four of the frames was blown out, destroying the art inside. Photo courtesy Shreveport Times/Henrietta Wildsmith.


Another view of one of the beaded blanket frames on Texas Avenue. Others that blew out were on Elvis Presley Boulevard (old Grand Avenue) in front of Municipal Auditorium. Photo courtesy Shreveport Times/Henrietta Wildsmith.


The Holiday in Dixie Cotillion was going on inside the Municipal Auditorium when the storm hit at about 12:30 am, knocking out power and plunging the crowd into the dark. Police officers already working the event kept everyone calm and safe until the storm blew over about an hour later.