Are you finished with your holiday shopping? If not, no fears! We have some great advice on easy, fun items from downtown retailers that won’t break the bank…AND you’ll be keeping important dollars local. Ready? Set? Let’s SHOP!

The Agora Borealis, 421 Lake Street. Shop the Agora for a wide variety of Ben’s Body Basics, perfect for stocking stuffers or a gift bag. Ben’s mask spray is a wonderful item- a spritz a day keeps your mask sanitized and smelling fresh. Other of the Ben’s line includes body sprays, beard butter, even a new line of deodorants. (Shop The Agora Borealis 12-22, 12-23 and Christmas Eve 10am-6 pm)

Ben’s Body Basics line at The Agora Borealis.

Robinson Film Center, 617 Texas Street. A ‘must-have’ membership to Robinson Film Center (Individual memberships start at $55) comes with SO much more this year! Buy a membership to help support downtown’s arthouse theater and get $2 off your movie tickets for a year and a one-time coupon for 10% off a wonderful meal at Abby Singer’s Bistro. If the membership is purchased by Dec. 31, 2020, the new member will get 12 special treats, ranging from free candy, dessert, popcorn and drink to buy-one, get-one-free deals to deals on private events to a Happy Hour Pass that will allow you to have Happy Hour prices no matter the time. THIS is a deal. (Shop RFC 12-22,12-23 and Christmas Eve 11:00 am- 9 pm)

C & C Mercantile and Lighting, 1110 Texas Avenue. Quite honestly, going inside C & C Mercantile and Lighting is like a giant dose of eye candy. Between the home decor, furnishings, caps and tee shirts, candles and other items on the C & C side and the huge variety of art and journals on the ArtiFact side, it’s hard to know what to look at first! That’s why we love it, that, and the stock is constantly changing. We need choose one thing, though, so it’s got to be the tiny embroidery kits. These are a hoot! They feature popular personalities like Ron Swanson of Parks and Rec, Dolly Parton and others. Will they encourage someone to take up cross-stitch? Maybe not, but they WILL be one of the most engaging and clever gifts given (or received). (Shop C&C Mercantile and Lighting 12-22, 12-23, 10 am- 5pm and Christmas Eve 10 am- 2 pm)

Embroider Ron Swanson at C & C Mercantile and Lighting.

Appli-K’s, 624 Texas Street behind Rhino Coffee. Appli-K’s is where downtown goes for REAL embroidery, and they do it well. Appli-K’s is also the only seller in this part of the state for a product called Happy Everything, and we think you will love this stuff. Happy Everything is a full line of decorative (and useful) serving ware with a twist. Instead of having one platter for Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas and so on, Happy Everything allows you to have a SINGLE platter for everything, with changeable attachments. New attachments come out often, so your base piece will always look fun and fresh. Just in- Happy Everything is 25% off until Christmas! (Shop Appli-K’s 12-22-12-23 and Christmas Eve 9 am- 6 pm.)

Just a few of the Happy Everything pieces available at Appli Ks.

Sanctuary Glass Studio, 1200 Marshall Street. Yes, you can blow your own glass item at Sanctuary Glass Studio, we encourage you to have that experience one day…but if time is tight and you need gifts NOW, remember the HUGE variety of items that are available right now. There are great reasons for shopping here. The glassware is one of a kind, the colors are beautiful and you will find something that will speak to most everyone on your list. Have an uncle who love wine? Wine glasses. A Mom who loves gardening? A hummingbird feeder or vase. In addition, there are art pieces, ornaments, flowers and more. It’s worth it just to go by and take a look! (Shop Sanctuary Glass 12-23 from 11 am- 9 pm  and Christmas Eve 1 pm- 9 pm)

Hummingbird feeders are but one of the items you can find at Sanctuary Glass Studio.