This week, Liz and Stacie put up a message for all passing the DDA office at 416 Cotton.

We wanted to outline it in twinkly lights, but that turned into a total fiasco. In fact, it is too bad we didn’t video the entire sad operation and send it in to some kind of ‘Nailed It’ show. We learned several things: Duct tape does NOT stick to everything, but it does stick to #@$! hands, Hot glue is not the answer to all problems, and burns like a @#!& and some sheet rock, when nailed, falls out in &@#! chunks. Thankfully, we have this really cool hanging shelf unit and decided, after some deliberation and just a wee bit of cussing, to hang the twinkle lights there. While you are out on essential duties, please drive by and take a selfie!

The nighttime view at 416 Cotton St.