Even though the doggier days of summer are upon us, the Shreveport Farmers’ Market continues to be a bright, tasty, and happy escape on Saturday mornings. Drop by Festival Plaza 7:30 am- 12:30 pm for an amazing variety of hand made, locally grown, baked, cooked, crafted, and raised items.

This Saturday from 8:30-10:30, enjoy the smooth sounds of saxophonist De’Lontrell Thomas and you can roll up your sleeve to share some blood with LifeShare Blood Center. Donate a pint and you’ll get a fun new tee-shirt (and a lot of thanks)!

Meanwhile, voting continues until September 19 for the Best Farmers’ Market in the U.S. Markets who score tops in their categories can win cash and acclaim, neither of which is a bad thing.


Let’s face it, we WANT the Shreveport Farmers’ Market to rule the universe (or at least win $5,000)! Each year, the American Farmland Trust & Farmers Market Coalition holds a competition for BEST Farmers’ Markets in the land. All you have to do to win is have the most emailed votes. It’s sooooo simple. Just go  https://markets.farmland.org/…/shreveport-farmers-market/ and cast your vote for the Shreveport Farmers’ Market. You can cast one vote for each email address you have, so as certain politicians used to say, vote early and often!

Fun times at the market!

Enough votes will have the SFM take home bragging rights (and $5,000!) as one of America’s favorite farmers markets.

Get a beautiful bouquet of cut flowers. (Cute child is optional).

Right now, we are FIRST in the state, 4th in the Southeast and 9th in the Nation. As the time for the end of the voting gets nearer, we will need to be vigilant, so post on your Facebook friends, tell your friends, encourage your family, and sign up for more email addresses so you can vote more. You’ve probably got nothing to do for the next couple of days.

The tomatoes have been SO GOOD this year!

Seriously, though, we LOVE our Farmers’ Market and especially our vendors, the small Mom-and-Pop businesses that grow the best tomatoes we have ever eaten, that bake bread so good it makes you want to cry, that brews up coffee in the 100-degree heat that tastes just like it was just ground (because it was), that protects the bees so that the honey is perfect for your coffee, that makes the donuts in flavors we didn’t know existed, and who picks the flowers, coddles the plants, raises the animals, builds the birdhouses and makes the soap.

We love Mahaffey Farms- great food, t-shirts, reusable bags and more.

Life would just not be the same without them and our market, and now is our opportunity to help them shine. VOTE NOW! https://markets.farmland.org/…/shreveport-farmers-market/