Agora Borealis owner Katy Larsen was the recipient of some tough news recently. Just days before construction on two KCS railroad overpasses was supposed to start, she was alerted that a primary road to her store was going to be closed for most of the month of January. In a letter to The Times, Larsen talked about the difficulty of getting people to her artisan marketplace if they cannot figure out how to get there. This map should make the trip easier to maneuver.

There are multiple alternate routes to The Agora Borealis, 421 Lake St. Take Spring to Lake St., Market to Lake Street, and the Clde Fant Parkway to Milam to Market to Lake Street—all get you there.

In addition to the alternate routes, we have noticed that as the railroad is working on the Cotton Street overpass, they are leaving the Lake Street overpass open, meaning that you can drive Marshall directly to Lake Street. During the construction, the Agora Borealis will remain open for business. Normal business hours are Tues.- Sat., 10 am- 6 pm.

Retail is a tough life right now and we don’t want this local treasure to suffer because of construction. We encourage you to get by and look around if you are needing art, gifts, Mardi Gras royalty gifts, jewelry, home decor and other artistically-inspired, creatively-conceived items.