The May Downtown Artwalk was NOT jinxed by ill winds, bad omens or crummy weather, things that seem to have played an outsized role in creating mayhem this spring. Instead, it was a beautiful day filled with happy, smiling visitors, creative artists, historic buildings, live music, food trucks, tours, an opportunity to try some architectural sketching and exhibit openings throughout. If you came, we thank you, and invite you to our NEXT Artwalk on Wednesday, June 7, 5-8 pm. If you missed it, we’re sorry, and invite you to our NEXT Artwalk on Wednesday, June 7, 5-8 pm.

Our next Artwalk will feature: Noble Savage Shreveport, Dripp Donuts, Bailey Gallery, The Standard, Remington Suites Hotel and Spa, the Spring Street Museum, the Multi Cultural Center of the South and more locations still to come.

In the meantime, enjoy some of the sights and sites from May 3.

400 block of Crockett St.

Artists at Shreve Station, 400 Crockett St.

400 Crockett St.

400 Crockett St.

Crowd at The Glass Hat, 423 Crockett St.

Outside 423-431 Crockett St.

The apartment tour.

The apartment tour.

Artist Yolanda Barnes at 400 Crockett.

The Joanitones at Shreve Station.

Artist Betsy Levels at Shreve Station.

At Shreve Station.

Carrie and friend on Artwalk.

Artists on Crockett St.

Touring Cotton St. Farms, 406 Cotton St.

Anyone who was anyone was on the apartment tour!

A view from the apartment tour.

Art walking!

More art walking!

Love the tee!

The apartment tour… and eats!

At Shreve Towne Barber, 514 Crockett St.