A room full of people at the former Millennium Studios soundstage downtown were told today that the local film industry is returning. “We are ready for a resurgence of the film industry,” Mayor Adrian Perkins told the assembled city, parish and state representatives. City Economic Development Director Drew Mouton promised that in six months, the facility in the 300 block of Douglas Street will be creating jobs again. A new-to-Shreveport digital animation business called Troubled Muse has promised to bring 200 jobs. The first 53 jobs at an average salary of $74,000 annually will happen in the first year…other positions will follow.

The facility will be home to not only Troubled Muse, but will also house a so-called ‘Maker’s Space’ that will be managed by the Shreveport Regional Arts Council as well as workforce development initiatives partnered by Southern University Shreveport.  Mouton promises the facility will become ‘revenue positive’ once fully up and running.

Mouton says the thing holding the Shreveport-area back from more movies and productions from studios like Disney, Netflix and others are the staffing needed. The SUSLA workforce training will solve that issue, he says.

See the entire Press Conference here.

Press Release Released Feb. 3, 2023