The former SporTran bus terminal, christened ‘The Lot’ at 400 Crockett Street, is available for lease. The property is owned by Marshall Tower Properties and has been proven to be an excellent venue for outdoor music, art and vendor shows, sporting events (boxing, cornhole, yoga) and private parties and events.

The tent makes the facility a three-season venue in the heart of downtown, near an area that is seeing robust rehab into office, apartment and commercial space.

As ‘The Lot’, the facility had a fully functional and permitted bar, plug-ins for food trucks and a stage for musical events. A commercial catering kitchen could be easily installed. The space is zoned for similar use and is fully ADA-compliant.

The Lot business owner Edgar Guzman is interested in selling the stage, tables and chairs, and other components that are not physically attached to the property.

Guzman developed the concept and property on the heels of the first Covid pandemic. Recently, he took a position which keeps him out of town for weeks at a time, making the running of the property difficult.

For information on leasing the space, contact Dale Eschenbach, Property Manager ( email ) • Marshall Towers, LLC
Phone: 318-216-5269.