Press Release
Thursday, December 18, 2014
Contact: Liz Swaine
Downtown Development Authority

Downtown Welcomes the “New” Noble Savage Tavern

The Noble Savage Tavern, 417 Texas Street, returns to the downtown music and food scene tonight night at 8:30 pm. Patrons will be able to see the improvements first- hand during the  Grand Re-Opening. Those changes include décor upgrades as well as changes to management and ownership. Interior updates will be matched in the near future by cosmetic changes to the exterior that will be done to give the building a more cohesive façade.

Long-time Savage veteran Eric Johnson takes over the reins as both manager and owner of the iconic watering hole. Johnson looks to continue the food service that has been the hallmark of The Noble Savage with a Featured Item Dinner Service from 5-10 pm Tuesday- Saturday. This Featured Item will be wild game or seafood prepared in a unique and wonderful way. Standard meal service will run from 5pm- midnight Tuesday- Saturday.

“I want to rebuild relationships and invite people back,” says Johnson. “This tavern is something unique to downtown and has a loyal following. We want to introduce even more people to what we have to offer.”

The Noble Savage will once again be the place where people come downtown for live music. Live performances will be featured each night, Tuesday- Saturday.

“It’s back and it’s better,” says Liz Swaine, Executive Director of the Downtown Development Authority. “The Noble Savage is one of those places that gives a downtown a unique flavor. We’re glad Eric was willing to step up and take it to the next level.”