It’s hard to keep a much-loved neighborhood bar and eatery down, and such is the case with downtown’s nearly legendary The Noble Savage. 

Interior of the ‘old’ look of The Noble Savage.

The Tavern at 417 Texas Street closed in 2021, but almost immediately, a long line of Savage aficionados, those with a love of the place, the vibe and tone, the music, the food and camaraderie found within, lined up to bring the place back to life. The old Noble Savage Facebook page was filled with glowing eulogies, many calling the location the most enjoyable, memorable dive bar they could remember. Dive bar is not a bad thing, mind you. These are often the unglamorous, eclectic and very local joints that speak to people in a way that a chain-owned Dave and Buster’s never will.

Photo by Brandon Sooter

Managing Partner Elizabeth Walkoviak, says the new team started working on the project in January with hopes of reopening in June, but soon discovered ‘the woes of an old building.’ They also wanted to open the place up, upgrade the bar area and kitchen, and create a proper stage for the many musicians that they will be hosting.

Patrons at the old Noble Savage.

One thing has been consistent throughout the rehab and deep, deep cleaning, says Liz. “We wanted to keep The Noble Savage ‘feel.’ We’re holding true with the food and bar. It will be The Noble Savage experience you remember.” She hopes one experience will be even better and took a moment to wax poetic about some of the new craft cocktails they are creating- “They will be made with house-infused liquors. I just had a Bananas Foster martini to die for.”

The bar at the old Noble Savage.

The menu is on the newly-redesigned website, but Liz says it is still a work in progress and will likely be tweaked. One thing is certain, she promises. TNS is still dedicated to wild game options and a variety of appetizers and entrees, from flatbreads to a sizzling Porterhouse steak. The same menu will be available all day, but there will be daily lunch specials, too, with an emphasis on good food, and fast.

One of the new menu items.

The plan is for a big Grand Opening on Wednesday, Sept. 21 with the return of a musical favorite (our lips are sealed until the handshake is formalized). Prior to that, there will be some soft openings to help smooth out the staff and firm up the menu. In addition, The Noble Savage will also be available to cater your events or for events at 417 Texas St.

The planned hours at present are Mon.-Thurs. 11 am- 11 pm and Friday and Saturday, 11 am- midnight.

The little tavern will soon be back, and the thousands who mourned its passing will once again be able to eat and drink, laugh and sing and learn the words to sometimes rowdy, bawdy Irish drinking songs. Welcome Back, The Noble Savage. We have missed you.