When a lot of people think of quilts, they thing of the tattered cover that Grandma made, traditional patterns like ‘Log Cabin’ or ‘The Diamond in the Square.’ The newest show by the Art Quilt Group of the Red River Quilters at Central ARTSTATION, 801 Crockett, shows quilting isn’t just for grandma anymore!






Right now, the quilt show is in the lobby of ARTSTATION only, but by July 3rd, will expand to the large Engine Room. The Red River Quilt Exhibition is up through July 27 and you can see it, generally from 8:30 am – 5:30 pm M-F; but often, the Shreveport Regional Arts council is open late for special programming and whenever they are open, the quilts can be viewed.

You can join the Red River Quilter’s Facebook group here.