Meet Jon Ortiz and Dylan Teekell. You might know them, but you might not be familiar with East Side Fire, their new food gig at The Lot, 400 Crockett St.

Sunday Brunch menu at The Lot.

Both Ortiz and Teekell have a long history in food and the preparation of it, most recently at Eldorado Resort Casino and The Noble Savage Tavern. The two are now together, and have started combining their culinary talents in a food truck at The Lot which uses an open flame and various grills, skewers, and spits to create amazing flavors and dishes. Take for example, the Roasted Strawberry Waffle on their current Sunday Brunch menu. By roasting the strawberries over a flame, the insides turn to jam giving the waffle a remarkable flavor. The two are even seasoning and roasting their croutons over an open fire.

Roasting strawberries over coals.

Ortiz, a former finalist in the Louisiana Food Prize Golden Fork competition, is the Executive Chef at The Lot. Teekell is recently the head chef at Noble Savage. Together, expect to see big, tasty things.

The Lot is open Wed.-Saturdays, 5- 10 pm, with live music, food and a bar each night and on Sundays for live music and brunch from noon-3 pm. Over the past few months you never know what you might encounter at this happening new downtown space- live boxing matches, a giant plant swap, art walks and shows, office parties and more. The Lot is covered and is open rain or shine.