When we first launched the ParkMobile Parking App in downtown Shreveport, we heard from a handful of people who said ‘That’s a great feature, but we don’t want to load another app on our phone.’ We now have an answer to those folks. You don’t have to.

ParkMobile now offers a “Text to Pay” feature that you can use as a guest. It’s as simple as texting PARK to 77223. You’ll be taken to a check-in and once you input your license plate # and Zone # (that’s the number on signage and on green decals on parking meters), you can set up a parking session.

We love using the app. It allows a user to input multiple license plates and toggle between them, to extend parking to up to three hours per space, to ‘feed the meter’ without getting out of your vehicle and to never have to worry about digging for quarters again.

ParkMobile is also the app used in multiple other cities that you may visit like New Orleans, Dallas, Washington, Atlanta and more.  Learn more about ParkMobile and get all your questions answered, here.