Some of the happy participants in Film Prize. You can be this happy, too, by just GOING to PrizeFest!

It is everything you want in a week- great film, great food, great fashion, great music, great fun. Yes, the key word- the one to which we keep returning- is ‘great.’ That’s because it just is. Now in its 6th year, the Louisiana Film Prize has really come into its own with 20 professional short films vying for a top prize of $50,000 as well as other notable awards, all of which will be handed out at a ceremony on Sunday. The Teal and Orange Slates of movies (both slates must be viewed in order to vote) starts Thursday afternoon and rolls through Saturday night at midnight. At Music Prize, five musical acts will be given time on stage at the Music Prize Garage Thursday night to impress the judges and the voting public for cash and glory, Friday night three top local fashion designers will do the same, also at the Music Prize Garage at 211 Market, and just prior, 5 local chefs will attempt to work culinary magic in the middle of the 700 block of Texas Street to win the coveted Golden Fork. This is something not to miss, ya’ll. Purchase your tickets and we’ll see you downtown!

KSLA News Story including descriptions of the 20 short films.

PrizeFest Schedule of Events and Locations

New for 2019: Comedy at Louisiana PrizeFest