A clever shelf made from a book!

Been itching to go shopping? Even folks who aren’t into serious retail therapy have been looking longingly at the junk served up in ever increasing numbers in Facebook ads. (NOTE: Please don’t give into those ads, local small businesses need your love and money!)

Agora can put together a great gift basket with a theme for you.

Downtown’s fun art marketplace, The Agora Borealis, has a couple of ways to scratch your shopping itch. Way #1 is to check out their Facebook page for fun items, find something you like then contact the store for details. Way #2 which you might like even more is to contact the store for a special opening just for you that will allow you to look at, pick up, try on, smell, and consider – in person. If you have a birthday, anniversary, or some other notable event coming up, that in-person shopping experience might work best. The great thing is that you will have plenty of distance and no worries about crowds.