The majestic Scottish Rite Cathedral has been at the intersection of Common and Cotton Streets in downtown Shreveport for 102 years, but this is the FIRST year for the Scottish Rite Antique and Vintage Bazaar. Vendors are moving in now for the three-day event that kicks off Friday, July 19 with a VIP ‘First Chance to Purchase’ party complete with live music by the Joanitones, wine, Hors D’oeuvres, guided tours of the building and your chance to get a first look (and first purchase) of vendor goods. Th VIP evening is $20 per ticket, the proceeds of which will go to the building repair fund. The Bazaar continues Saturday and Sunday; 9 am- 5 pm, $5 entry. Tours will be scheduled during the day and beverages and snacks will be available in the lobby concession area. Vendor goods will run the gamut from Victorian to Mid Century furnishings and home decor, vintage clothing, old albums and concert tee shirts, vintage jewelry, primitive paintings, writing pens made from antique wood, and so much more. This is your opportunity to do three important things:

1. Have fun and shop some cool & funky vendors.
2. Tour an amazing historic building in the heart of downtown.
3. Help support an amazing building in the heart of downtown.

It’s a win-win-win. Get your tickets for the Friday VIP event now so that you’re not left out. Tickets for the Saturday and Sunday shopping can be purchased at the door when you arrive. There will be lots of free parking near the Scottish Rite for the Friday night VIP event and the Saturday and Sunday shopping events. Check out the map for ideas!