Press Release
Contact: Liz Swaine, Executive Director
Monday, January 26, 2015

Shreveport Common Partners Win Statewide Award

The Downtown Shreveport Development Corporation (DSDC), Shreveport Regional Arts Council (SRAC) and TMG Consulting have been given statewide recognition for work done on a Market Analysis of the Shreveport Common art and culture district in downtown Shreveport.  The team has won the American Planning Association-Louisiana Process Award for the 2014 Market Analysis showing the opportunities available in Shreveport Common.

“Having a clear process is important because you can demonstrate how to perform the analysis in a way that is understandable and it gives your results much more credibility,” according to TMG Associate Eric Melancon. “A clear process leads to a stronger, more credible planning effort, which produces better results for our clients.” 

The Market Analysis was conducted over a 6-month period and involved input from property owners, developers, bankers, Realtors, artists, elected officials and many others involved in the ongoing development of the arts- centered neighborhood. The Market Analysis showed that there was – and continues to be- a demand for residential and retail development in the 9-block area and that development, done right, can be profitable.

“The recognition from APA- Louisiana is further evidence of the success of the grass roots — door to door–collaborative, comprehensive planning process for Shreveport Common; one that engages Creative Placemaking techniques and initiatives… putting artists and the arts community at the helm of planning and design,” says SRAC Executive Director Pam Atchison.

The DSDC paid for the Market Analysis with a grant from the Community Foundation and support from the Downtown Development Authority, City of Shreveport, Parish of Caddo, JP Morgan Chase Foundation and Shreveport Regional Arts Council.

“The Downtown Shreveport Development Corporation was pleased to coordinate the Market Analysis and work with all the partners in creating the most thorough and detailed possible study,” says Liz Swaine, DSDC Executive Director. “We knew that developers and investors, though intrigued at the possibilities in Shreveport Common, needed quantifiable data that this analysis provides.”

As part of the APA recognition, DSDC executive director Liz Swaine, SRAC executive director Pam Atchison and TMG Associate Eric Melancon were asked to present their methods and findings to planners statewide at last week’s American Planning Association- Louisiana Conference in Baton Rouge.  Conference attendees from around the state were able to hear about the Shreveport Common Vision Plan, the findings of the Market Analysis and recent investment in Shreveport Common.

To see more about Shreveport Common and the Shreveport Common Vision Plan, go to:

Those pictured in the attached photo are: Eric Melancon- TMG Consulting, Wendy Benscoter- Shreveport Common Design Team, Pam Atchison- Executive Director, Shreveport Regional Arts Council, Liz Swaine- Executive Director, Downtown Shreveport Development Corporation/Downtown Development Authority