For the next several months, the Shreveport Hilton hotel is going to be occupied by a  number of people wearing hardhats as the entire 300+ room facility gets a serious makeover!

By The Numbers -311 Rooms Total -20 Double Queens Become Kings -12th Floor Hilton Executive Lounge Added -Guest Room Case Good (Furniture and All) Refresh Required Every 12 Years -70″ Lighted Vanities Added to Each Room -CAT6 Wiring Upgrades to Each Room -40 Chairs Added in Bar Extension

New Room Look

Work will be extensive, but guests might not even know it’s happening. Entire floors will be off limits as the rooms are converted and once one floor is finished, the work will move to the next. The Hilton brand requires upgrades in room furnishings and look every 12 years, but in addition to the room upgrades will be: a floor tile and wall vinyl refresh of the lobby and meeting spaces, removal of

The Design Board!

the ‘pony wall’ in the Market 104 restaurant to expand seating to 100, opening up the flow of space from the bar area to the lobby, and the addition of a 12th floor Hilton ‘Executive’ lounge. The popular swimming pool overlooking downtown and the fitness room overlooking Cross Bayou will remain.

In the rooms, expect new desks, entertainment centers, wall vinyl, carpeting, tub refurbishment, 70″ LED-lighted vanities (perfect for makeup application) and large new showers in the King rooms. Upgraded Cat6 wiring will support the new Hilton ‘Connected Room’ platform- similar

Hilton’s Lobby Bar

to a Hilton ‘Alexa’ to control streaming entertainment, thermostat and lighting with simply a voice command.

All the work is supposed to be completed by the first of December so expect a ribbon cutting and client event to happen then.