Some people are thrilled over diamonds and pearls, some, a fancy new car. We, on the other hand, absolutely love infrastructure improvements! In November of 2021, District B councilwoman LeVette Fuller was quick to respond to the DDA’s request for a small amount of money to do some much needed repairs and improvements. Our belief is that rather than ask for a humongous lump sum to repair everything at once, let’s try to be steady and sure, doing a bit each year. It’s like that saying, “How do you eat an elephant? (One bite at a time.) We were asking for help in eating that elephant.

Councilwoman Fuller put the request in the form of a budget amendment, and the Council voted unanimously to support. Our thanks to Councilwoman Fuller for sponsoring and Councilmembers Tabatha Taylor, James Green, Jerry Bowman, Grayson Boucher, Alan Jackson, and John Nickelson for supporting.

That money is now making its way to the streets in the form of repairs.

300 block of Market Street BEFORE

This is the ‘before’ photo of a portion of the sidewalk in the 300 block of Market St. It is in front of a building that has plans for improvement and has a new business, Downtown Day Spa & Barber Shop, and is on one of our highest-travelled streets.

There are many sidewalk needs downtown, so we worked with Public Works to highlight the ones in the worst shape or causing the most issues to be dealt with first.

300 block of Market Street, AFTER

The difference in the BEFORE and AFTER is a stark one, and we are really happy to see the work underway. More sidewalks coming soon!