There are a lot of signs we love seeing downtown. ‘This way to the Farmers’ Market’ is one, ‘Artwalk stop’ is a particular favorite…but ‘Sale Pending’ and ‘Sold’ probably make us the very happiest, especially when we know that the purchaser loves old buildings and downtown and has good things in store for the property.

The buildings above are in the 400 block of Crockett Street, the building below is in the 600 block of Edwards. They’re not done deals yet, (they never are until the last document is signed) but it seems we are moving in that direction. If these close, that will leave only one vacant building in the 400 block of Crockett, a very cute little former gas station…and what a cool little space THAT would be! Meanwhile, all the properties on the adjoining 700 blocks of Marshall and Cotton and 400 block of Cotton are sold. One is currently being rehabbed into apartments and commercial space, one will be under construction soon and the others are a variety of uses – from downtown’s only hydroponic farm to condos to office space.

Interested in downtown real estate? Take a look here to see what is still available.