In the next several weeks, work will begin on eleven bus shelters being constructed in downtown Shreveport.

The shelters will be along the route of the current Downtown Circulator, a route that runs between the Intermodal facility on Murphy Street to the Transfer Station in Bossier City. Business is good for Sportran and ridership is way up, according to SporTran Chief Executive Officer Dinero Washington. In January 2022, SporTran announced that a federal grant was allowing them to offer free ridership for two years on all SporTran bus and OnDemand travel in the service area. That, combined with rising inflation and the significant increase in gas and diesel fuel, is also encouraging additional ridership.

Shelters similar to this will be going up around downtown, say SporTran officials, but with some color changes. All will be metal structures with backings of tempered glass. There will be no advertising signage allowed at the downtown shelters.

Locations for the shelters include:

  • On the 700 block of Common Street adjacent to the old B’nai Zion Temple and another on the east side of Common adjacent to the Fairmont Apartments building.
  • On the 500 block of Common Street across from the First United Methodist Church.
  • In front of the Lofts at 624, 624 Texas Street.
  • At 601 Texas Street, in front of the former Crystal Stairs restaurant.
  • On the 400 block of Texas Street, in front of the Shreve Memorial Library.
  • At 401 Texas Street, in front of the City of Shreveport Department of Community Development Office.
  • In the 200 block of Texas Street, near Market Street.
  • At 205 Texas Street in front of the Style Bar.
  • On the 400 block of Caddo Street, in front of the Shreveport Convention Center and across Caddo Street, adjacent to Edwards Street.