2022 is a big year for the Southern University Museum of Art at Shreveport (SUMAS) It is the museum’s 20th anniversary of bringing African and African-American Art to the Shreveport area.

The museum, inside Southern University’s Metro Campus at 610 Texas Street, isn’t large in terms of square footage, but has a significant permanent exhibit of African art from Mali, Nigeria, the Ivory Coast of West Africa, Cameroon, and the Congo. The African art exhibit is comprised of two major collections that feature over 300 artifacts and include ceremonial masks, statues, fabric, utensils, and a variety of other functional artifacts.

The museum opened on February 21, 2002 at the work and urging of Dr. Leon Tarver II, President Emeritus of Southern University System. It is the ‘sister’ to the main museum (SUMA) located on the SU Baton Rouge campus started by Dr. Tarver in 2001. Dr. Tarver’s enthusiasm for the art of his ancestors grew into an extensive collection.

Southern University Museum of Art Sheveport

SUMAS’ objective is to introduce to some and reintroduce to others African and African American art and artifacts from the major art-producing regions of Africa. Prints, poems, lithographic illustrated poems, African sculptures, Louisiana artists and national artists are among the works displayed in the space and local and regional artists are also represented in shows -such as photographer Bennie Dotie

artists Ron Smith, Whitney Tates, Karen LaBeau and others. SUMAS is also open during Downtown Artwalks along Texas Street.

SUMAS is open free of charge Tues- Thurs 10 am- 5 pm, and Friday, 10 am- noon.

You can book a paid tour here.