School is out and that means some summer time changes at the Shreveport Aquarium. First, the hours:

New hours have already kicked in, with lots of marine mammal fun.


Jelly Touch Experience Gently interact with these mesmerizing creatures of the deep.

Sting Ray Touch and Feed Experience Touch and hand feed our friendly rays (10 g food cups are $5 and available while supplies last). One of our most popular attractions!

Interactive Tidepool Experience Learn fascinating fun facts about sea stars, cleaner shrimp, anemones and more.

Shark Feedings: Tuesday, Thursdays and Sundays at 2:30 p.m.

It’s lunch time for our sharks! Come and observe the unique behaviors of these magnificent creatures.

Eel Feedings: Mondays 1 p.m.

Check out the Moray eel’s special way of feeding, using two sets of jaws to seize and then carry their prey back to the esophagus for swallowing.

Octopus Feedings: Wednesdays 1 p.m.

Watch our playful and oh so intelligent cephalopod at feeding time use her suckers to touch, smell and taste!

Paddlefish Feedings: Fridays 11 a.m.

Observe how this 300 million year old species filter feeds using their electroreceptors.

Alligator Snapping Turtle Feedings: Saturdays 10 a.m.

Come check out a feeding demonstration of our most ravenous reptiles

Behind the Scenes Tours: For groups of 10 or more

Explore the husbandry lab, salt mixing room, life support and food prep areas and learn how we keep our animals happy and healthy! Ages 8+