It used to be that all the cool kids could walk into The Noble Savage at 417 Texas Street and order a beverage served in their very own customized tankard. We are here to share the good news that this noble tradition is continuing

The ‘new’ Noble Savage Tankards

TNS has hired Red Star Pottery to create the new generation tankard look, and we think it’s pretty attractive. Not only will you have the Savage Coat of Arms, the tankard will be personalized with your name, nickname, or dream name. New tankards in several colors are available for order at the restaurant.

Meanwhile, the old unclaimed tankards are still around; at least 772 of them at last count. The Noble Savage has reached out in every way they know to share that the unclaimed mugs need to be claimed by the former owners, but alas, The Dud, Peacemaker, Thot and others have simply walked away from responsibility for their mugs, leaving them sad and lonely orphan mugs looking for new families.

IF one of them is yours, email here and they will pull it for you, but if not, do not be surprised if you one day see someone else drinking from your former mug. That’s The Nub of it, so take the Easy Option, will you?