Tickets for the general public for The Strand Theatre’s amazing 37th season of shows go on sale MONDAY, AUGUST 16 at 10 am! The new season is chock full of music, dance, drama; even dogs! From One Night of Queen to Mutts Gone Nuts, they will have it all. For YOU to have it, though, you’ll need tickets, which you can get right here.

Strand Season 37 Announcement-
July 13, 2021

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In the spring of 2020, the Strand Theatre in downtown Shreveport had just completed the charming Broadway musical An American in Paris. A nearly full season lay ahead with exciting shows such as Beautiful, The Carole King Musical, Mutts Gone Nuts, and One Night of Queen. Patrons were excited, the performances were getting rave reviews, receipts were good, the year looked golden. Right up until it didn’t.  For 14 months, the venerable Strand was shuttered by Covid; by the time the Strand itself presents a show, it will be 19 months that the stage has been dark and the theatre seats, empty.

We hope that the Covid shutdown was a once-in-a lifetime  situation. It was definitely a first for the Strand, her employees, her avid supporters and the shows that keep her going. Strand Executive Director Jenifer Hill and her staff were like many- inventing the playbook as they went along. She says that it possible  the Strand could have safely opened sooner, but there were no shows available.

“This was due to a variety of factors including the touring shows’ ability to rehearse, tech, and finally tour again, and enough states had to be open to shows so there could even be a tour,” says Hill. “As crazy as this made all of us, it was not nearly the heartache the agents went through.  Remember they were dealing with 50 states all with differing rules, and no one knew what was going on or what to expect.  The best part of this horrible story was that the shows need to perform every bit as much as we need them to perform.  There was an awful lot of cooperation where I didn’t really expect it; a lot of kindness and patience.”

Those are not the type of words that generally come to mind when dealing with agents and contracts and touring shows, but Hill found that everyone was in the pool, learning how to swim, and happy to share tips on the best way to dog paddle.

The Strand was able to reschedule three shows that had seen significant pre-Covid ticket sales- Beautiful, The Carole King Musical, Mutts Gone Nuts, and One Night of Queen. Four rentals were canceled, and one was rescheduled. The dates will be announced Friday, July 16, as part of the new season.  A number of shows that were on the calendar but had not gone on sale yet, canceled.

Season 37’s big premiere night will be September 18 with the opening of The Second City, and Hill says expect to see Rudolph in December.  “I’m really happy with this season,” she says.  So are we, Strand Theatre, so are we!

See the Digital Brochure for the 37th season and buy tickets here.