One of the things we hear often downtown is ‘I wonder what’s behind that wall’? You could have walked or driven past cool historic buildings and tall office towers for years and never known what lurked behind the facade…until now. From now through the end of the year, we’ll going to take you inside some of those spaces. This will be your very own ‘Downtown HGTV’, a chance to peer inside and see what creative, fun, artsy and awesome things folks have done with their office spaces. We’re kicking it all off with Neil Erwin law at One Texas Centre, 415 Texas, where Neil not only offices, but has created a fun two room apartment for he and his wife Glenda.  One Texas Centre is managed by Vintage Realty.

One Texas Centre is located at 415 Texas St. and currently has office space available. Neil Erwin Law is located on the first floor. Learn more about available space here.

One Texas Centre has a bright, central atrium connecting several office space throughout five stories.

The Erwin’s two-room apartment on the second floor is decorated with original art and items collected from trips.

Hidden behind louvered doors is a small kitchenette for making a simple breakfast.


The bright and sunny bedroom overlooks Texas Street.

Enjoy the view of Shreve Memorial Library from the cozy living area – a perfect retreat after a long day at work.


The office space on the first floor features a variety of art, including this piece by Mike McSwain Architect, who also offices downtown.

To maximize a small nook in the office kitchenette, a conference table was brought in and placed at an angle.

In his office, Neil is surrounded by a collection of architectural photographs and photos of family.


Recognize this painting? This was the cover of an issue of Louisiana Cultural Vistas (now 64 Parishes).