Maintain your social distance by staying in your car or taking a walk of approx. 10  (short) blocks. All of these most Uncommon Murals are close to each other in the western part of downtown. Keep your eyes peeled! Some are high, some are low, some seem to be floating through air. A good place to start is at the beginning; at the intersection of Cotton and Louisiana. On one corner is the old Arlington Hotel, under construction to become Every Man A King distillery. On the other is the historic Korner Lounge. Tama Nathan “All There Is” This mural can be seen at the intersection of Louisiana and Cotton Streets, on the back wall of the Korner Lounge. Lynn Laird “Unstrung” After taking a photo of ‘All There Is’ on the back of Korner Lounge, turn around and face the Fairmont Apartments on the NE corner of Cotton and Common. There you will see Lynn’s marionette Marion Etoile falling through the air. Lesli Marshall “Imprints” “Imprints is just around the corner from the Fairmont, on the SE corner of Common and Crockett. This mural was removed during the renovation of the Andress Artist & Entrepreneur Center Jeormie Journell “Given Enough Rope” Depending on your vantage point viewing ‘Imprints’, you should be able to just look to the left, to the NW corner of Common and Crockett, to spy ‘Given Enough Rope.’ MC Rollo “Abstract 178” Just across Common Street from ‘Given Enough Rope’ is this beautiful abstract by local photographer MC Rollo. Brett Malone “Mandala Parade” Across from the Central ARTSTATION (and Art the giant Dalmatian) in the 800 block of Crockett Street is Brett’s series of colorful mandalas. Taffie Garsee, “I’ll Fly Away” From where you stand to spy the mandalas, just look up to the 800 block of Texas Ave. to see Taffie’s unique Ben Franklin ‘money’ moth. (Unfortunately, this mural was removed when the garage door was taken out). Lisandra T. Di Liberto Brown, “Brown / Marrón” We love that Lisandra’s mural is always watching us. The best place to photograph it is standing in the middle of the 800 block of Crockett St. Watch for cars and snap a pic, like this gorgeous black and white by local photographer Robert M. Watt.
Kathryn Usher – “Non-binary” &  James Marks “Red Star of Fate” James’ Red Star container was moved to make way for Caddo Common Park, and Kathryn’s work has been damaged over time. This is what they looked like soon after installation. Whitney Tates “Home” To see Whitney’s work, walk to Caddo Common Park and then look east, toward downtown. You will see it on the side wall of the Providence House in the 800 block of Cotton St. J. Ben Moss “Frog Prince” Ben’s work rounds out the Uncommon Murals. His is a giant piece on the side of the Datastor Building, adjacent to the Church of the Holy Cross in the 800 block of Cotton Street. It is on the west wall. Hope you enjoyed your virtual (and possibly, real) tour!