We’re all heard the phrase ‘if walls could talk’ but how about what windows reveal? Over the past several days, the wrappings have come off of two historic rehab projects downtown and what the windows have revealed is pretty awesome.

The new Glass Hat Cafe, 427 Crockett Street.

The windows at The Glass Hat Cafe reveal a new restaurant space just waiting on a few remaining tweaks to open. The expansive dining room also includes a bar for lingering and a private dining room for meetings, as well as bathrooms and a brand new kitchen area.

The old melds with the new at The Glass Hat Cafe.

This week, the plywood also came down on the front of 700 Texas Street, the new Cooper’s Corner. The glass installation was just one more move toward a predicted May(ish) finish for the project.

Cooper’s Corner, 700 Texas Street

Cooper’s Corner is a great building with a pretty interesting past. The name- Cooper- harkens back to the man that got business started on this site, a gentleman named Levi Cooper, who loved both his city and his mules. You should read his story.

Whew! Don’t want to slip and break one of these!

More is coming for the exterior of the building including lighting for the alcove, a new sign and awnings for the windows.