Walk into Cotton St. Farms at 406 Cotton Street and you’ll see hydroponic walls of fresh greens and herbs as well as giant locally-grown sweet potatoes and hydroponically-grown Beefsteak and Cherry tomatoes! The tomatoes come from a farm in Mooringsport that has taken their tomatoes out of the ground and into greenhouse to be able to produce year-round, under controlled circumstances, and away from pests.

While there, pick up some sunflower microgreens, butter lettuce, kale, herbs and a bottle of the delicious locally-made Ranch Dressing they sell and you have a meal!

The greens grown at Cotton St. Farms are used by several local restaurants in their dishes, but if you have not been to their downtown facility, you need to plan a visit. Owner Michael Billings will show you how the hydroponics work, and you’ll be given a taste of what really fresh greens taste like (hint: NOT the same as the items we buy at grocery stores).

If you would like to stop by, their new hours are Monday-Friday, noon- 5 pm and Saturdays 10 am-4 pm. You enter the building from the alley just off Cotton Street; just look for the Cotton St. Farms door and sandwich board that sits just outside.