619 Edwards Street is once again a happy and colorful place AND it will be on the June Downtown Artwalk tonight (Thursday, June 3) from 5-8pm. While not completely finished, you will be able to walk through, meet the owner and hear the plans for Big Sun Studios.

The Artwalk is free and open to the public. Start your walk either here or at 400 Crockett Street, The Lot, and go from there!

Story posted March 24, 2021-

A small building that sits at the corner of Edwards and Crockett Streets is the latest to change hands and with the change will come new spunk, new life, and a fun new look. Gone is the payday loan store, coming is Big Sun Studios, the design business of Lewis Kalmbach. 619 Edwards will be home to Kalmbach’s office and potentially the offices of other creative types. Kalmbach, a noted artist himself who grew up surrounded by artists, and design, envisions the space as ‘a welcoming creative space’ that could be open for people to use for meetings, and will definitely be a stop on events such as Downtown Artwalks.

The 1971 building has always been an ‘odd man out’ structure downtown, but Kalmbach says that was part of its appeal. “I’ve watched this little building all my life and thought how interesting it was. So different than anything else downtown. And the sign spins! It will be called Big Sun Studios and house my personal design office as well as a videographer’s. I think it could also be home to other creative people in the near future. The ample wall space will showcase different local artists and will coordinate with The Lot and Art Walk.”

Kalmbach has already envisioned a fun ‘Palm Springs’ mid century color scheme for the space. “The  brick has been power washed and there as a lot of staining. I plan to paint the building white with the awnings in deep turquoise with bright orange and yellow accents. It’s a color combination I’ve used successfully in the past and reminds me of Palm Springs or the Gulf Coast.” He says the building needs a fair amount of cosmetic work but that it could be up and running by July.

Kalmbach says he is drawn to mid century modern homes and buildings and has remodeled about a dozen of the over the past 10 years including his current Wiener home in Shreveport.

619 Edwards is just the latest of several building sales in the area surrounding The Lot, 400 Crockett Street, the former Sportran bus terminal. The Lot and other rehabs in the 6-block have created a lot of excitement and there is more to come. Our congratulations to Lewis, our newest downtown partner!