Tonya and Mark Yates are nothing if not forward-thinking. The new owners of the buildings that make up the Lofts at 624 (624, 620 and 616 Texas Street) have been aggressive in their desire to make improvements and create additional foot traffic and commerce.

624, 620 and 616 Texas Street.

It was Tonya who envisioned and designed the look of the beautiful historic Zodiag Building (616 Texas) into the shops of Refine Design Decor Boutiques.

Refine Design Decor, 616 Texas Street.

The once- vacant Zodiag Department Store space is now filled with a variety of vendors selling women’s and children’s clothing, handbags and jewelry, vintage items, paper goods and art, candles, even glam tent parties.

Interior of 620 Texas Street.

Yates’ next goal is to create an ‘Urban Market’ in the adjacent 620 Texas and believes a vendor partner idea could work here, too. Instead of having a traditional grocery market, she is interested in seeing if all of the local Farmers’ Market vendors- those purveyors of seasonal vegetables and fruit, casseroles, cakes and pies, honey, pressed juices, olive oils and vinegars, herbs, cheeses and meats, eggs, butter and the myriad of other locally-produced edibles, would like to try a year ’round space. She is also interested in a flower vendor to support the needs of both downtown office workers and residents.

A Saturday at the Shreveport Farmers’ Market.

Tonya is a fan of the Shreveport Farmers’ Market and the universe of vendors and products there, and knows that many of them have asked for a place to set up throughout the year.

620 Texas St.- a work in progress.

The set-up she is considering would be much like that of Refine Design- in which each vendor would determine the space he or she needs. “With products like produce, meat, spices, oils, condiments, jellies, sauces, beverages, desserts breads and flowers- I believe we can make this a sensation!” she says. “I have no problem with helping vendors get their store off the ground- possibly helping with displays, refrigeration or freezers if necessary.  Depending on what it is, we can work out a way to roll it into the lease.”

Over the next several weeks, the initial build-out in the 620 building will be finished; when it is Tonya will host a ‘venue view’ event for potential tenants, and she will offer a “30 day free feel.” She says the base rate of $5 per square foot is subject to consideration and change depending on a variety of factors.

The exterior of historic 620 Texas Street.

The beauty of this market- much like the set up of Refine Design, is that vendors will NOT need to be present to sell. The space will have its own staff during all business hours and a point of sale system that the vendor will be able to tag into and pay rent, check inventory and be paid as products are purchased. 10% of sales are retained by the house to pay for staff and utilities, cleaning, alarm system and other administrative needs.

If you are interested in seeing the space and talking about how it would work for you, call Jessica at 318-525-5963 or email her here.