You may have heard that the iconic Arsenal Hill power plant smokestacks are on their way down. According to the Shreveport Times, the 275 foot smokestacks that are visible just to the north of downtown, will be completely dismantled by later this fall.


Photo courtesy Twin Blends Photography.


The smokestacks are a part of SWEPCO’s large Arsenal Hill power plant, which was built in the 1920’s. While these smokestacks are a fairly modern addition, recent inspections raised concerns about ongoing deterioration of the concrete. SWEPCO President and Chief Operating Officer Malcolm Smoak explained to the Times, “While the chimneys are a part of Shreveport history, removing them will mitigate potential risks to our employees and our operations.”
In July, Twin Blends LLC history buffs Mike and Mark Mangham were able to grab some great drone photos of the impressive smokestacks.


Courtesy Twin Blends Photography.

Courtesy Twin Blends Photography.

Arsenal Hill was built during the era of what we like to call the ‘Golden Age’ of Downtown construction projects. That single decade saw the construction of the Slattery Building, the downtown YMCA, the Feibleman’s (later Sears and later, Lofts at 624) building, the former Central Fire Station, and many other important structures. Downtown was growing by leaps and bounds and needed the additional power generated at Arsenal Hill. A newspaper article in 1933 touted the ‘cheap juice’ the plant brought to a ‘rapidly advancing area.’

Courtesy Twin Blends, LLC.

Keep your eyes to the north over the next few weeks and you will see this part of our history coming down.