Musician Dan Garner

Music and alive and melodic in downtown Shreveport, and this week we get to welcome back a long-time musical friend. Tonight (January 19), The Noble Savage (TNS)at 417 Texas Street brings Dan Gardner to the stage. This is a homecoming in that Dan was the first musician to perform live at the Savage in 1996, and this is his first performance on the ‘new’ Savage stage! TNS isn’t stopping there, though.

Black Suede takes the stage for their Savage debut on Friday night and Saturday night, the ever-popular Joe Nadeau and band are back. Live music starts each night at 8 pm, and don’t forget that the kitchen staff is taking the food offerings to new highs. You will not be sorry if you make your night the trinity of music, food and beverage!
The Missing Link at 504 Texas Street has a weekend filled with music, too, with The Lovers on Thursday, Andrew Lewis on Friday and Will Robinson on Saturday. On Saturday after the music, TML will also have a live comedy night and tickets are still available. All the music starts at 6 pm; food and beverages are available.


If you’re a fan of nu metal, post-grunge, alternative metal and hard rock, the Remington Garage has the concert for you Sunday. Trapt joins Native to the Parish, Exile the Icon and In the Balance for a night of rock. The concert is Sunday at 7 pm. It is 18+, please.  $20 in advance/$25 door.

Don’t forget that tickets for Shreve Station’s big concert featuring Daniel Donato’s Cosmic Country are on sale NOW. The concert is scheduled for Wednesday, Feb. 1 at 7 pm.

Published Jan. 12, 2023

For a sad and silent time, tunes were only randomly heard in downtown Shreveport. Covid silenced the sounds, shut the clubs and made life precarious for local musicians. We’re thrilled that downtown is once again your place for musical options!

The Missing Link, 504 Texas Street, has announced live music at the restaurant every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. This kickoff week features Jesse Rawlinson Thursday night, Laminated Daydream Friday night and Daniel Goodwill/Steven Waquespack on Saturday.

In addition to the great music is the great food and beverage. Owner Cade Horn says every Thursday will feature a BBQ special, from a big ribs plate to brisket and sides.

Meantime, the music and drinks have been flowing at The Noble Savage, 417 Texas St. TNS has hit the ground running since reopening and live music is now happening there Tuesday through Saturday night. Tuesday night is jam night with The Help, so bring your instrument when you come. Jams start at 6 pm. Wed.-Sat., the music begins at 8 pm and the bands change each week. Like The Missing Link, TNS also has a delicious lunch service and a tasty food & beverage menu at night.

Appreciative crowds at The Noble Savage.

Keep your eyes peeled for special musical events at Shreve Station, 400 Crockett Street. Guitar phenom Daniel Donato‘s Cosmic Country  is happening Wed., Feb 1. You can purchase tickets now!

Music at Shreve Station is like an outdoor concert, but covered, with real bathrooms, a bar and food trucks!

Lake Street Bar at 315 Lake Street is your stop for live jazz and R&B sounds. Frederick Ellis keeps things smooth with weekly music by Gumbo Deluxe, Marcia Nelson, WildJBrown, Eddie Spencer and other entertainers. (PS- if you’ve never heard Marcia Nelson, you owe it to yourself to seek her out. The lady has pipes!)

Singer Marcia Nelson

If you love music, you will also want to follow Fatty Arbuckles in the Red River District. Owner Chase Boytim brings in shows like the Preservation Hall Jazz Band, The Tanglers, Bourbon and Bluegrass, and others. Other venues for live music include JOSH Lounge, 224 Spring St., HAZE on Texas, 204 Texas Street, the Remington Music Garage at 211 Market St. The garage’s next event is Jan. 22 and features Trapt with several other bands.

Keep your eye on events at the Shreveport Municipal Auditorium, the Strand Theater, Riverview Hall and other larger venues, too!

One thing is certain- if it’s live music that moves you, you’ll be moving in downtown Shreveport!