The 70+ new trees that have been planted downtown over the past couple of months all seem to be budding out and are already making a big difference in the streetscape, so now we are on to even more!

The shrubs ‘welcoming’ people into downtown Shreveport were doing anything but. They have been removed.

Ditto for the dead shrubs on either side of the Texas Street Bridge. They have also been removed and the planters filled with mulch.

Our hired crews are also out topping off the dead branches on trees and pruning up those that are starting to impact building facades.

We are lucky to have the skills of Tim Hoover, the horticulturist with the Shreveport Aquarium. Tim is going to be helping us really ‘up’ the look of existing planters and adding others with seasonal plantings. We’re pretty darned exited about this coming change that will make downtown look and feel more charming and colorful. Stay tuned for more.