Stroll around downtown’s newest park to take in a new art exhibit now through August 30. Caddo Common is hosting a variety of artworks created by Bossier Parish Community College’s Communications Media students. The BPCC Communications Media Showcase takes into account all the restrictions of COVID-19 and deals with them in a fun way that encourages a little walking and discussing.

Take a friend or family member and walk around the park, noting your very favorite piece of art and the student’s name. Snap a picture of it and post to social media with the hashtag #bpcccommmedia. That will be a counted as a vote for that student/artwork in the People’s Choice Award.

Students participating in the show are Bianca Anderson, Brandi Ferguson, Brianna Price, Caitlyn Chase, Cason Smith, Darryl Ware, Derrick Marshall, Diane Vanhoozer, Emily Carr, Eric Hull, Erina Heineman, Frank Johnson, Hannah Winget, Ike Alexander, Kayla Davis, Kendall Reynolds, Kerwin Popo, Kristen Woodall, Kyle Johnson, Lana Parrish, Madison Lawrence, Mars Allen, Marth-Claire Lepore, Mika Williams, Paige Werner, Robert Cote, Tanya Sikes, and Vahini Kondapa.

We can tell you from first-hand knowledge that coming up with a single winner is going to be tough. There’s a lot of talent dotting the hills and dales of the Common. Remember that the deadline to decide and vote is August 30!