Press Release
Contact: Liz Swaine, Executive Director
Friday, March 6, 2015

CC to DC Supports Federal Historic Tax Credit;
Louisiana Delegation Briefed

A small group of local Chamber of Commerce officials from Shreveport, Bossier and Minden, business leaders and local advocates have just returned to Shreveport after a week of talking with area elected officials in Washington, DC about issues of importance back home. The CC to DC event brought the group face-to-face with eleven sitting legislators, two former legislators and a number of Congressional staffers.

Each legislator was given a copy of a specially prepared briefing book outlining matters of importance to NW Louisiana, including the Federal Historic Tax Credit (FHTC).

“The issue is the need for continued vigilance in the retention of the Federal Historic Tax Credit and the pending reauthorization bill that helps fund the State Historic Preservation Offices that process the important tax credit paperwork,” says Liz Swaine, Executive Director of the Downtown Development Authority/Downtown Shreveport Development Corporation. “We were able to make the case in person to legislators showing how this tax credit plays an important role in revitalizing downtowns such as Shreveport’s.”

While in DC, Swaine also participated in congressional meetings with a contingent from around the state as part of National Historic Preservation Advocacy Week.

“We were able to share some incredible numbers with lawmakers,” says Swaine. “Louisiana is number one out of all states in the numbers of initial applications filed for Federal Historic Tax Credits, and is sixth in the total dollar amount of FHTC utilized, ahead of states such as Ohio, Missouri and California. This is something that we do very well, and it is helping to revitalize towns and cities around the state.”

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