Death and Donuts at ShreveTowne Studio 512, Thurs., Oct. 29

Artist Maggie Molisee invites you into her strange world, a world of death, crime, serial killers and…donuts. Death and Donuts (and coffee) will feature a murderously good time as we celebrate artist Maggie Molisee. Laugh in the face of evil on October 29, from 5-8 pm, at Shreve Towne Studio 512, 512 Crockett St. Costumes are not required for this event, but bonus points will be awarded to anyone wearing one. Enjoy live (this is questionable) music as you shop. Feast on death-warmed-over donuts from Crispy Donuts, if you dare. Slake your thirst on coffee provided by Special Reserve; choose from either “hot as hell” or “cold as death”. Other offerings include wine and light hors d’oeuvres. Door prizes for this event will be awarded randomly and without reason, as has become the norm at this most Bohemian of downtown enclaves.