Chances are good that you, too, have been witness to spray-painted marks on the sidewalks and the streets, dirt piles, random holes, trenches and poor repairs. The city seems awash in companies digging, trenching, stringing and just generally making a mess, with seemingly little accountability. Over the last few months the city has acquired a few more legislative tools to be able to track the companies doing the digging and compel them to make repairs.

Aftermath of  recent work on Marshall St. prior to complaints by the DDA and city.

What a repair! Trip hazard, uneven bricks, missing bricks on Milam St.  Turned into the city by the DDA.

A gas distribution company did this on Commerce St.

The problem is that there are just so many businesses out there stringing fiber, laying gas lines, phone lines, and cutting through concrete and asphalt streets (some that were recently overlaid) that it is close to impossible for the City Engineer’s Office (the division tasked with keeping an eye on the work) to know everything that is happening at all times.

The DDA is actively taking pictures and reporting issues that we see downtown but would definitely appreciate your help. If you see some ‘new’ construction downtown, repair that seems shoddy or incomplete,  piles of mud or holes that stay unfilled for too long, please snap a pic and send us the location and whatever other information you may have and we will attempt to follow up on it.

Send your photo and info here.